Is There a Link Between Blood Sugar and Dementia?

As Julian Omidi outlines here, exercise and good nutrition does more than keep us trim and feeling strong; it might also help us fight the onset of dementia later in life. Keeping fit and leading a healthy lifestyle affects more than just the likelihood of obesity; it may help reduce the probability of dementia later [...]

Protecting Yourself from Sun Damage

Julian Omidi discusses sun exposure and the effectiveness of sunscreen with regard to photo-aging and sun damage. With summertime quickly approaching, many families (and single people, to be sure) are looking forward to spending time outdoors in the pool, at the beach, in amusement parks and other places where the glorious weather can be easily [...]

Infant Mortality Rate Declines in the United States

Julian Omidi discusses the decline in infant mortality in the United States and the major causes of infant death. It has been reported that the number of infant deaths in the United States has dropped by 12 percent since the year 2005. Medical researchers credit better education about the prevention of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome [...]

Diminshed Funding for Special Needs Education

Federal cuts to education programs may mean hardship for many school districts throughout the United States. Julian Omidi looks at the diminishment of special education programs, and what that may mean for students in the near future. Although it is mandated by the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act that public schools offer services which accommodate [...]

Warning Issued About Temporary Tattoos

Julian Omidi looks into the controversy surrounding temporary tattoos. The FDA has issued a warning against temporary tattoos due to health concerns. During spring break it is not uncommon for young adults and college kids to participate in getting temporary tattoos, but the United States Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning against some [...]

Experts Discuss Obesity in Children

Recently a group of experts sat down to discuss the childhood obesity problem and what can be done about it. Julian Omidi discusses the Twitter Chat held Tuesday by Dr. Richard Besser of ABC News. While we hear more and more about the childhood obesity issue in the United States it can still be difficult [...]

Julian Omidi Looks at the Potential Alzheimer’s Epidemic

Julian Omidi discusses studies that suggest the estimated number of Alzheimer’s patients will exceed 13 million by the year 2050. Julian Omidi looks at how this could drain health care resources as well as put an incalculable and tragic burden on the family and friends of the sufferers. A new report that was recently published [...]

Is It the Cellphone or the Driver? Julian Omidi Discusses New Study on Driving While Talking

Julian Omidi looks at a study conducted by researchers at MIT suggesting that the use of cell phones while driving is not as dangerous as the drivers themselves. Most research points to the conclusion that talking on a cell phone or text messaging while driving is a risky behavior.  However, one study believes that it [...]

The 2013 Flu Comes to California Reports Julian Omidi

While incidences of the flu are decreasing throughout the Southeast, Julian Omidi reports on an increase in incidences of the flu being reported throughout California and other Western states. For those living in California hearing reports of widespread illness across the Eastern Seaboard and through the Midwest, it appears that the worst of the flu [...]

American Heart Association Finds Social Media Can Help Fight Childhood Obesity

The American Heart Association released a statement suggesting that social networking sites may be a valuable weapon in the fight against childhood obesity. The full report is scheduled for publication in the journal Circulation in January, 2013. The AHA believes that physicians and health policy makers must make a greater effort in integrating obesity prevention [...]

Julian Omidi Discusses Lycopene and Its Contribution to Lowering Strokes

There is always evolving and hopeful research regarding dietary habits and disease prevention, and iIn this article, Julian Omidi discusses the recent study finding that lycopene reduces stroke in male subjects.  Julian Omidi is co-founder of No More Poverty with his brother, Dr. Michael Omidi, MD. If you want to lower your risk of stroke, [...]

Could ADHD Medication Assist in Lowering Crime?

Recently a study was conducted in Sweden that examined how those afflicted with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder that are taking the appropriate medications may be less likely to commit crimes due to the impulsiveness and hyperactivity associated with the disorder. Symptoms of ADHD Those with ADHD face many difficulties as a result of their disorder [...]

Julian Omidi on Omega-3 Fatty Acids Improving Young Adult Memory

Julian Omidi discusses new findings on the benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids in young adults. Research indicates to Julian Omidi that there are benefits of these fatty acids in more than just young adults as well. Research conducted by the University of Pittsburgh on young adults between the ages of 18 and 24 shows benefits [...]

Julian Omidi on the Importance of Global Handwashing Day

October 15th is Global Hand Washing Day, practiced in more than 100 developing countries.  This day was created to promote the practice of washing the hands with soap to prevent life-threatening infections. In this article, Julian Omidi discusses the importance of this global initiative. Julian Omidi is cofounder of No More Poverty with his brother [...]

Omidi Brothers’ Julian Omidi on News of Tanning Beds and Cancer

Omidi Brothers Michael and Julian have been focusing on bringing awareness to recent health discoveries. Omidi Brothers’ Julian Omidi focuses on the recent discovery that tanning beds can be extremely detrimental to health. The October 2nd publication of the British Medical Journal concluded that: “The numbers are striking – hundreds of thousands of cancers each [...]

Julian Omidi on How Portland Hoop Kings Benefit Inner-City Youth

This is Julian Omidi writing again to bring you up to speed on what my brother and business partner, Michael Omidi, M.D., and I have been up to while directing our not-for-profit organization, No More Poverty. Recently, NMP was moved to support an amazing basketball program known as Portland Hoop Kings. The work that this [...]

Julian Omidi Reflects on the Benefits of the Create Now Organization

Julian Omidi is cofounder of No More Poverty with his brother Dr. Michael Omidi.  No More Poverty provides support and sponsorship to charities that work to eradicate poverty and its causes worldwide.  In this article, Julian Omidi discusses Create Now, an organization that brings troubled youth to fine arts exhibits in Southern California. For children [...]

Julian Omidi Sees the Importance of A Place Called Home

Julian Omidi is cofounder of No More Poverty with his brother, Dr. Michael Omidi MD.  No More Poverty is an organization that fights to eradicate global poverty and its causes by supporting charities that work towards that same goal.  In this article, Julian Omidi discusses No More Poverty’s sponsorship of A Place Called Home, a [...]

No More Poverty Supports Charity Jessica’s Hope Project

Julian Omidi, along with his brother Dr. Michael Omidi, began the organization No More Poverty in order to bring public awareness to charitable organizations that help to end global poverty.  In this article, he discusses No More Poverty’s sponsorship of the Jessica’s Hope Project, an organization dedicated to sending healthy care packages to troops stationed [...]